Weekly Roundup: Spring In Full Swing!

Can you believe it’s almost May? Here in NYC, the sun is out, the climate is increasingly mild, and this weekend the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is hosting its annual Sakura Matsuri celebration! I’m going on Sunday and am way too excited.

Let’s start the roundup with this incredible photo series by Mark Tipple, which I stumbled upon these via Design Mom. Very surreal imagery.

Photo by Mark Tipple.

Photo by Mark Tipple.


Adorable flower sachets you can make from felt. A simple project with stunning results!

Allegedly, this tea is an all-natural cure for allergies. Give it a try and report back?

A very extensive list of 30 green beauty finds. You definitely shouldn’t miss #3: The lip balm flight from S.W. Basics. (Full disclosure: the company is owned by a former colleague, but everyone on the Pickle team can vouch for how incredible this lip balm is. I am obsessed with it.)

This is a good reminder for those who love to shop on flash sale sites.

Fascinating, even if you don’t love celery!

What will you do with your weekend? Let us know in the comments!

2 Comments on “Weekly Roundup: Spring In Full Swing!

  1. I’m addicted to the S.W. Basics citrus lip balm (apparently my dog likes it as well since she’s always trying to lick my lips when I put it on)!

    And who knew about the celery?! I’m going to try that this weekend. Oh, and I’m also going to Waynie’s Waffles!!!

    • I like the peppermint lip balm the best! It’s refreshing! (which is unusual for a lip balm, maybe?)

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