Weekly Roundup: Less Is More

I’ve been thinking about minimalism lately. It’s a weird concept, because it seems like the less you choose to have…the more you choose to do. Give it a tryif you go the weekend without something (like the TV, perhaps), you’ll probably wind up doing so much more! Read on for 5 great things to do/make/taste this weekend:

Maybe you'll go see some cherry blossoms?

Maybe you’ll go see some cherry blossoms? Image © Fristle via Flickr


This DIY water bottle tote is perfect for anyone who loves their reusable water bottle but is annoyed with lugging it everywhere by hand. Bonus: it fits glass sparkling water containers like a glove! Bring on the Perrier, people!

A simple and sweet treat from what might be the most adorable source ever: A vintage 1966 cookbook. For kids. From France. Seriously, this chocolate pudding looks incredible.

What happens when you combine a classic Southern cocktail with one of the best berries around? Blueberry mint juleps!

Feel the love every day with this DIY threaded wall art. The tutorial is for a heart, but you could probably make it any shape you like.

Tomorrow is Record Store Day. Go out and support your local record store! It seems unlikely that you’ll regret it.

What are your weekend plans? Making anything delicious?

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