Weekly Roundup: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Can you believe March is basically over and that we’re finally getting into the swing of spring?! Here are 5 links you may have missed during this egg-stremely overloaded week:

World’s Simplest “Ice Cream”

If you freeze your bananas before they become overripe, then you’re one step away from what appears to be some seriously delicious ICE CREAM!

Easy to make, easier to eat. via The Kitchn

Easy to make, easier to eat via The Kitchn

Sweet Bunny Pillows!

These DIY bunny pillows from Design Mom double as a mini Easter basket, thanks to a pocket that is perfect for stashing sweets! If you get started now, this could be a wonderful surprise for someone special.

Just look at them! So cute. via Design Mom

Just look at them! So cute. via Design Mom

A Doggone Great DIY

DIY dog houses for everyone! Your pup will thank youor maybe he’ll misinterpret the meaning behind the new digs and think you don’t want him in your house anymore. I know my Basset hound would not be pleased, but she’s a little overly sensitive. Trust me, these dog houses are adorable!

Look at how stoked this dog is! via Apartment Therapy

A proud new homeowner via Apartment Therapy

Scrub All Your Worries Away

If your hands are coated in Easter egg dye or grizzled from gardening, this homemade hand scrub from The Beauty Department may be just what you need. It contains only 4 ingredients, is EXTREMELY simple to make and is super-economical. I make a version for my face with only brown sugar and sweet almond oil, but I’ll be adding coconut oil and lemon the next time around. Your skin will feel luxuriously smooth, guaranteed.

And Finally, a Farewell to Creme Eggs

The perfect treat for your (21+) Easter brunch!

Make it an Easter to remember via The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn

Make it an Easter to remember via The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn

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