Weekly Roundup: A Handful of Helpful Links!

I recently moved into a new apartment, so the most seemingly-simple tasks have taken on a whole new level of effort. (Did you know that recycling in NYC is actually kind of complicated?! It is! My former apartment was trash-only, so learning all the new rules is a bit overwhelming.) This week’s roundup is a celebration of simplification!

So true, Albie. So true. Image © Kristian Bjornard

So true, Albie. So true. Image © Kristian Bjornard

If you have any semblance of a kitchen, then you can definitely relate to the goal that drives this super-fun (and useful) project from NPR. Round 1 ends Sunday, so you have the weekend to figure out which bag of beans is the most worthy of submission.

Do you find yourself lusting after an item in a photo, but have no idea how to track down said item? Your “problem” is no more!

Spring cleaning: Not just for your closets! Here are 11 extremely detailed tips for making your tech items as good as new.

Soft and tender dinner rolls” that are easy, too? Count me in forever.

Using your suitcase for linen storage? Genius.

How do you simplify your daily routine? Share your tips in the comments!

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